Mandates (Vaccination and Mask)

There shouldn’t be any. Plain and simple. From early on we knew who was going to be most vulnerable to Covid. The elderly, the obese and those who had multiple comorbidities. This never changed yet the Kings and Queens in government and even in some private businesses forced workers to either take the vaccine or lose their job. Many college students and even some K-12 students were also forced to take the shot in order to attend school or be involved in extracurricular activities. This abuse of power cannot be overstated as our leaders literally dismantled the freedoms we hold so dear with the stroke of a pen.

As your Assemblyman I will put forth legislation that will allow anyone who lost their job due to the mandates to sue the institution resposible for imposing them on them. Full disclosure: I was one of those people and believe I and thousands of others have a right to receive compensation for the damages we suffered.

I will also offer additional legislation to those who took the vaccine under duress. Not everyone could affortd to lose their jobs and be put out on the street. If they can prove they took the shot through coersion they will have a right to compensation as well.

Mask mandates in schools are another area where the government overstepped its authority. Plainly stated, the government has no role in raising our children nor should they be making medical decisions for them. The forcible wearing of masks did not stop the spread of the virus nor did the virus prove to be deadly or even harmful for the vast majority of children in this country. What has been proven is the psychological harm many students have received from wearing the masks. This cannot be tolerated. 

If elected I will offer legislation that wil put massive restrictions on the ability of any government entity to make medical decisions for children. I’ll also highlight their hypocrisy. Your children. Your choice.


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