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The name itself shoud be enough to fight against those who promote, support, aid and help those who enter this country illegally. The key word is “illegal.” That means the person who entered the country or overstayed their visa does so in a way that is not condoned by the laws of the land. This is not a hard concept to understand nor is it racist to want to protect the nation’s borders. Those who say the opposite are race baiters and have no interest in protecting the country from those who woud do it harm. 

Illegal immigration creates many victims. Taxpayers must pick up the costs of those who don’t pay taxes yet use public roads, facilities, and other publicly funded projects. Drug addiction, overdoses and a variety of other crimes increase as open borders signals to cartels that they can run their operations unabated by local state and national law enforcement. Sex trafficking, also a form of slavery, increases as well as young women and children are easily shuffled over the border and are coerced into a life of doing things that violate their body, heart and mind. I could go on but I think you get the point.

Does that mean every person who crosses our borders does so with malice in their heart? No. Of course not. In fact, many come to simply make a better life for themselves. That being said, doing so without following the proper procedures and laws indicates they think they are above the law. That cannot stand. 

If elected I promise to sponsor and vote for any laws that strengthen our borders and bolster our existing immigration laws. Any town, city or other municipality who condones, encourages or offers itself as a ground for sanctuary should immediately be cut off from public funding. In addition, those who aid and abet illegal immigrants, including politicians, should fall under criminal prosecution.

Some might say this sentiment makes me “anti-immigrant.” That is the furthest thing from the truth and an intentional lie. Whoever says that either doesn’t know me or has an ulterior motive. That being said, I am a first generation American. My dad is an immigrant and so are my grandparents on my mom’s side. The United States is a nation of immigrants which is what makes it so strong and vibrant. I welcome immigration so long as those who come here contribute to society, follow our laws and are a positive influence within their community.


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