Why is Tom
Running for Office?

In his 20th year as a NYC physical education and health teacher, as well as after school sports coach, Tom loved sharing his knowledge of fitness, nutrition, sports, character building and health to the inner city students of M.S. 101 in the Bronx. Combining that with the ability to pass this passion on to future physical education teachers as an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College in Westchester, Tom had two jobs he really loved. Even the really long 110 mile round trip commute everyday didn’t sour his love for teaching his students.

Then, in the fall of 2021, all of that came to a crashing halt when both the NYC Board of Education and Manhattanville College instituted vaccine mandates on their employees. Tom, understanding that vaccines take years of testing in order to prove their safety and efficacy, decided long before they were produced that he was not going to take the shot. Coupling that with the fact that Tom had a robust amount of antibodies from having Covid ten months prior, the decision to not get vaccinated was an easy one.

 With prayer and the support of his family, Tom decided to put his trust in God and chose not to give away his freedom and medical autonomy.

Faced with the prospect of losing two jobs he loved, a good salary, benefits to last a lifetime and a full pension he worked 20 years to build, Tom was faced with one of the biggest challenges of his life. He would have to either comply with the orders of a tyrannical government and give up his freedom, or walk away from everything he built and try to start over. He was not presented with a choice but rather, an ultimatum—but a decision still needed to be made. With prayer and the support of his family, Tom decided to put his trust in God and chose not to give away his freedom and medical autonomy. Afterall, he knew that doing so would only further weaken the fragile fabric this country was built on, and he would take no part in that. Thus, October 4th was the last day he taught a class.

What to do now? Different job offers started presenting themselves. Some much more lucrative than what he was doing in the past but Tom started feeling there was a different call on his life. A call to fight for the freedoms being lost by not only him but by thousands across the state of NY. Not only did Tom have his career stolen away by power hungry politicians but thousands of others did as well. Teachers, nurses, medical workers, pilots, flight attendants, office workers, laborers, etc… The mandates were no respecter of persons, as state and federal officials enforced them on the public. People were either losing their occupations or being forced to inject something into their body they did not want. This was not freedom. It was tyranny and Tom was not going to sit idly by and watch it be taken from the people of New York. He understood the pain and anguish that hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of New Yorkers and Americans around the country felt as they were faced with losing their careers. What was going on went beyond the typical disagreements Republicans and Democrats usually have on various issues. This was the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. As a result, he decided to directly engage the power structure itself by running to become a member of the NY State Assembly.

As an assemblyman, Tom will be able to create and support legislation that will limit the powers of politicians while simultaneously voting against laws that would do the opposite. He will promote freedom at every turn and fight against those who would tear apart the Constitution. Many of those in power currently act as if they are the Kings and Queens of New York instead of the public servants they were elected to be. Tom intends to change that. It would have been very easy for Tom to raise the white flag of surrender, take his family and move to a “free” state, but instead chose to raise the American flag and fight for his. He hopes you join him in this battle.


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