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Government Cartels Pushing Vaccines on Kids

by Tom Wiermann | Nov 13, 2021 | Healthcare, Politics,

There is a drug crisis in the United States and children are being targeted. Cartels are sending their dealers to cities throughout the United States using every trick in the book to get kids hooked. Their tactics include the use of psychological warfare, extortion, threats, and punishments. Just saying “no” as Nancy Reagan once said, is becoming an option that fewer and fewer children will receive as the cartels increase their power. One thing for sure is, they are really smart and have a way to get what they want without the children and even some of their parents knowing what hit them. In a very sneaky way, some members of the cartel are luring the children in by using techniques that seem benign but are cancer to the core.

Crazy, right? How can the local, state, and federal governments of the United States not be able to fight these cartels? How come they can’t spy on the dealers and stop them before their product hits the streets? What is it that’s stopping the most powerful nation on Earth from protecting the most vulnerable among us? The answer is if they did, they’d be working against themselves. Confusing? Maybe not so much after all.

Way back in middle school most of us were given quizzes in our English classes that asked us to solve problems like this: Police are to stop crime as firefighters are to stop _____________. You’d be given several options of which the correct one would be “fire.” Now let’s take a look at another example that relates to the government ‘working against themselves.’ Cartels are to drug gangs as our lobbyists are to ____________? If you chose, “government leaders” you got it right! Congratulations!

Many of the governments in the United States can now be seen as “drug gangs” of sorts as it relates to the Covid-19 vaccine. They are using many different methods to get not only adults but now, even children to comply. Like clockwork, once the FDA approved a vaccine for children as young as five, local, city and state governments sprang into action. The mass calls for child vaccinations began.

Incentives to have children take the shot are being found all across America. New York City is offering $100 or tickets to city attractions and the state is offering a chance at winning a full scholarship to any state or city college. Minnesota is one-upping New York in that it’s giving $200 gift cards and holding a raffle to win a $100,000 college scholarship. Louisiana, Chicago, San Antonio, and West Virginia are giving either $100, $100 gift cards or $100 bonds as a means to get kids vaccinated. How could anyone not consider this as being generous, kind, and caring? Not only do our government leaders care about our children’s health and well-being, but are willing to give them special gifts for being such good lab rats… er…umm… participants in the vaccination program. After all, someone is going to have to provide long-term data on how the vaccines affect people in a few months or years. 

To be fair, do I think our government really wants to use children as experimental guinea pigs? I don’t think so but isn’t that what they are doing in actuality? How could one think any differently considering Covid-19 has almost a zero percent chance of severely harming a young person yet the thirst to inoculate millions upon millions of young people goes unquenched. The fact that even when infected with Covid-19 children show little to no signs of infection should be enough for government to not want mass vaccinations of children but this is not the case. They, seemingly, cannot wait to get it done.

A question needs to be asked though. Who is this actually targeting? Surely not the affluent or upper-middle class. Those parents and children understand that $100 or even $200 does not amount very much in the grand scheme of things. The poor, however, are a different story. That kind of money can mean a lot to a person of little means and even provide some temporary relief to whatever situation they find themselves in. Also, a chance to get a full-ride scholarship is something most kids will never get an opportunity to receive. It’s almost too great to pass up. 

Leave it to the government to exploit the poor though. They do it with social programs to buy their votes so why not do it with the shots as well? They’ve already proven it in the past that they can control them by giving them “stuff” and figure it’ll work this time too. What’s sad is this is just another means to exploit those who would find themselves in poverty. 

Still, though, it’s not just the poor that have been influenced by the efforts of the government. There are children and parents of children from all walks of life who will do whatever the government tells them to do. When the guise of caring for the public is beaten like a drum over and over many start to believe it. Wars are not only won with physical weapons but with psychological operations as well and the government has a long history of using this tactic when it needs to overcoming resistance.

Manipulation is another weapon in psychological warfare armament. Not too long ago tobacco companies were found guilty of violating federal law by targeting children in their advertising campaigns. Joe Camel became a villain and the other cigarette manufacturers were put on notice. At least then the tobacco companies attempted to market to children on the sly. What’s not sly today is how we can turn on Sesame Street and watch Big Bird amongst a host of other muppets, getting or promoting the shot themselves. It’s hailed as being extremely safe and not a big deal. Tell that to the thousands of children who’ve already had adverse reactions to the shot. Come to think of it, has anyone recalled hearing Elmo or Grover tell the children about the potential side effects of the shot? Do radio commercials, media advertising, mainstream news networks, or government leaders call for parents and children to go on the VAERS website to review the hundreds of thousands of vaccine-related injuries caused by the shot before making a decision?

So what happens to the children if efforts using bribery and manipulation don’t work? Guilt is heaped on them. Things like, “you don’t want Grandma to die, right?” Or, “be a good citizen and get vaccinated” are the guilt trips being told. That could be considered manipulation as well but done in a different way. Any mention of vaccinated people spreading covid is left out of the conversation.

And if guilt doesn’t work the threats will come. To say they are just threats though is a little misleading. As we’ve seen with adults, threats are not just words but have become actions. Kids may not lose their jobs (actually in some cases they already have) but will be prevented from going to school if they don’t get the shot. Los Angeles already has a vaccine mandate for its students and New York City is planning one in the future for theirs. Incoming mayor-elect Eric Adams stated in his mayoral debate with Curtis Sliwa that he would order all children in NYC to be vaccinated. Not complying would force students to stay home. Would he really do this one might ask? Well, if he’s anything like Mayor de Blasio, he sure would. 

Drug cartels are ruthless when it comes to getting what they want. It appears that the government cartels are equally bad!

Just like the drug lords from south of the border have no qualms about taking the life of a person away, our government, across all levels, has proven it will take livelihoods away without a thought. They are no respecter of age or stage in life and will employ all means to get what they want. If it means children lose their education then so be it. If it means they won’t be able to enter businesses then that’s just what will have to happen. If it means they can never play an organized sport again, well too bad. That’s just the way it will have to be.

Casualties happen in every war but, when children are affected it’s the worst. We should hope our government would want to fight against those who created the virus and hold them accountable but instead they have turned on their own. Illegal drug cartels use gangs to push their product. Lobbyists use the government to push theirs. The only group that can stop either one is the people themselves. Both literally and figuratively, sacrifices have to be made in order to win this war. Unfortunately, this war is not only against Covid but against the children themselves.

Up to this point, the vaccination war has been primarily waged against adults but now the fight has come to the kids. Will parents give in, as many did when forced to take the shot themselves or will they draw a line in the sand and fight back in defense of their children?

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