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Eliminate Minorities: A Call to the Republican Party

by Tom Wiermann | Nov 6, 2021 | Lifestyle, Politics,

“Eliminate minorities??? How dare you say that, you racist, bigoted, Nazi-loving white supremacist! You should be jailed for even contemplating such a thought!” This statement is a response one would expect to hear from a progressive leftist upon learning that such a concept of “eliminating minorities” was even put forth. Ironically though, they would be downright giddy that a conservative might dare to say something like this, as it would confirm their preconceived biases of what the “far-right” is.

I can see it in my mind’s eye right now: protests forming, marches organizing, left-wing news media, social media, celebrities, and the George Soros’s of the world excited that such an idea would be made public by a self-proclaimed Christian conservative. They would set out to stop the person who dared speak such nonsense at all costs. The opportunity for that person to explain its meaning would be entirely denied as conversations on this matter would be considered violent to the delicate ears that might, by chance, be subject to such horrifying language. Even assassination attempts would not be off the table. How could one not want to stop the monster who would even contemplate such a genocidal act?

In defense of those who would respond this way, it’s easy to understand their sentiment when one takes the two words “eliminate minorities” at face value. The word “eliminate” means to remove altogether or get rid of something, and to combine it with the word “minorities,” well, that sounds downright scary. It’s pretty reminiscent of something you might read in “Mein Kampf” or other literature from despotic, murderous regimes that have existed throughout the ages.

Ethnic, religious, and different types of minority groups have been targeted for elimination many times in the past. However, one would think that today, in 2021, there is no longer anyone who would condone such an act. Unless it’s against Israelis or the unvaccinated, but I digress.

Without a doubt, the leading virtue signalers and provocateurs of identity politics would be in a state of complete atomic meltdown, or would they? Indeed, they would be arming their minions for war, but would they themselves be melting down? Hardly. Instead, they would be too focused on seizing this grand opportunity to spread once again their ideologies of the threat of “right-wing hate and separatism” to care about the matter at hand.

Their motivation? Always hard to say. Power? Possibly. Money? Always a chance of that. Personal fame? Maybe.

Never underestimate the draw of the ego. Or maybe it’s just straight-up evil–that can never be counted out. Regardless of their motivation, these “leaders” would know darn well what they would be doing in riling their supporters up over a statement that had a deeper meaning than that taken at face value. Allowing their supporters to hear and think critically about it would be out of the question, as doing so would be considered treasonous to their cause: It could destroy the storyline of how the “evil hoard of the imperial right” really wants to, as President Joe Biden once said, “put y’all back in chains.”

Eliminate Minorities: A Call to the Republican Party?

First, let’s separate the two parts of this statement. The main idea behind “eliminating minorities” is not to commit some atrocious act against people of color. Instead, what is meant to break down the walls that separate Americans from each other? Instead of aiming to group people along specific racial or ethnic lines, we should be promoting the idea that people are autonomous individuals who can think for themselves and not be relegated to groupthink.

They can claim membership to a collective whole while still being whoever they want to be, not needing to “fall in line” with the sheeple, based upon their racial status. For too long, “minorities,” as we currently know them, have been put in boxes regarding what they are supposed to think, feel, and vote for. This needs to stop!

The freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are supposed to reflect and support the individual, not specific identity groups. Its purpose is to ensure “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

The Constitution did not call for these “unalienable rights” only to be relegated to Italian Americans, German Americans, Irish Americans, African Americans, etc.… It called for all Americans to receive these rights and be just that–Americans. That’s not to say that we should shun the ethnicities and cultures from which we derive as Americans. Pretending we don’t see color or ethnicity would be a massive mistake, not to mention a lie. On the contrary, we should celebrate the differences each person brings with them. After all, for this reason, the United States is so rich, not just in terms of money but in terms of our society at large.

New York City was not the great city because of all of the massive buildings one sees when viewing the skyline… it’s great because it’s a giant melting pot that brings together the best of what the world has to offer. The same can be said of this nation. However, the one thing that can’t be brought over from other countries or cultures that are unique to what one would call “American culture” is that this country was founded on freedom. It is the reason why people from all walks of life have left their native lands to come here to chase their dreams.

This “freedom” should be the rallying cry that brings all individuals together, but we’ve seen how the Democrats view freedom in the past few months. Something that can be taken away at a moment’s notice by a “royal decree.” Republicans must seize on this fact and show the American people how they must unite to continue to ensure a free society–a society that will allow them to thrive not because of what they look like, but because of who they are as individual persons.

‘Out of Many, One’

To be sure, the United States is absolutely a conglomeration of many people groups. One could say it is quite literally a nation of minorities–a minority nation which, when blended, is one beautiful majority. The Latin term, E Pluribus Unum, originally placed in the journals of the Continental Congress in 1782 and which is found on much of our currency, means ‘out of many, one’ when translated. This must be the root of the Republican message, and is also where the second part of the statement “Eliminate Minorities: A Call to the Republican Party” comes into play. “A Call to the Republican Party” targets the mindset and messaging of the party itself. It’s really simple.

The Republican Party needs to fight back against the notion that certain people should be relegated to a sub-group based upon their race or ethnicity they belong to. It must repel the forces that create victim groups among people who call this land their home, groups that just so happen to have more melanin in their skin than others. Instead of simply being reactive against baseless claims of racism by the left, Republicans must be proactive against those who create racial narratives using identity politics in order to manipulate people of darker skin tones.

The Republican Party should make it a point to no longer refer to any group as “minorities” in the first place. Why? Because even though the term is simply meant to be synonymous with “lower numbers,” it has actually come to have the connotation of “being less than” for many in those groups.

Republicans need to show that those who fit this description take a backseat to no one, and that they, as individuals, are not inherently “less than” any other person in this country, nor are they homogenous with anyone other than themself. The Republican messaging must say all groups are to be treated as equals, that no group should be discriminated against, nor should they be coddled or pandered to. They need to coherently explain that the idea of doing things or making things easier for specific groups is inherently racist and downright un-American.

The opposite, however, is precisely what the Democrats do to keep and expand their voter base. Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden said that if you’re black and you don’t vote for him, then “you’re not really black.” Democrats love placing people in groups based on racial, religious, and other political identification affiliations. Doing so puts tremendous pressure on the individuals within those groups to align with what everyone else is thinking, saying, or doing. If they dare to diverge, they risk expulsion and derision from the group at large. Unfortunately, because the Dems are very effective and unauthentic when employing this strategy, the Republicans need to effectively and authentically communicate their ideals if they want to change the mindset of those they are trying to reach.

Stooping to the nefarious and immoral tactics used by the left must be wholly rejected. Instead, getting out, entering communities, and not being afraid to challenge the left’s narrative must be the go-to strategy. If we’re being honest, for too long, the Republican Party was primarily marketed to white people. Not because they didn’t want people of other skin colors to join the party, but because they weren’t needed in order to win elections. They were content on winning without the black or brown votes, and therein lies the problem.

This is where the nature of politics fails the electorate. When just winning elections is more important than spreading the message that is being fought for to all of the American people, you allow your opponent to paint whatever picture they want of you. And while the Republican message (individual rights, small government, low taxes, etc.…) was always good and beneficial to people of all backgrounds, when that message is not sent to everyone, it’s easy to see why many can be led astray by the other side. If Republicans want to win more elections and, more importantly, convince people their message is what will lead to the prosperity of all who embrace it, they will need to make people of all creeds and colors realize just how important they are as individuals and the vital role they play not only in their success, but in the success of the nation at large.

A Nation at War With Itself

Generations of people have been erroneously convinced that they are not a part of the American experience. They feel they do not have a place in this country. Our nation is intentionally being fractured by evildoers on the left and is on the verge of breaking. The constant white vs. black mantra the left continues to pound is intentionally designed to keep people at odds. We need a light to shine on how “minorities” are being manipulated into thinking white supremacy and racism are alive and well in this country and are the reason they suffer in life.

Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, quoted Jesus in the Gospel of Mark 3:25, where he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

While this nation is not entirely void of these problems, Republicans need to turn the tables on the left and expose how their ideology and policies encourage segregation and dependency on government–how these thoughts and practices will suppress any genuine chance that some “minorities” might have to reach their potential.

Americans need to know that the success and well-being of individuals of any race, creed, or color are not dependent or beholden to what others who share those same characteristics do, say, or think. Instead, their success is based on what they do for themselves. If, however, this message is not aggressively put forth and fought for, these communities will continue to fall for the lies being spewed by the left, and the country will continue to hemorrhage internally.

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