Election Integrity

The bedrock of the United States democracy revolves around one thing. Elections. When the electorate no longer believes in its sanctity we have a major problem. Accusations of fraud have plagued our democracy for decades but have really intensified over the past few years. Something MUST be done to ensure the voting public that their vote counts. Here is my plan:

Integrate the most secure technology the world has ever seen with a unique biological human identifier and you’ll have the means to create a voting system that can’t be tampered with or manipulated. I’m talking about using blockchain technology with a human thumbprint. 

The idea is simple; each voter registers their right thumbprint and an NFT (non fungible token) is created. One in which can never be recreated or duplicated. There will always be one and one alone. When you vote you simply scan your thumb and that scan gets registered in a central database and can no longer be used in that voting cycle. One person, one vote. Problem solved. The technology is inexpensive and can be developed for our voting systems quickly.

No one can claim any particular group is being marginalized as registration will be free. All you’ll have to do is prove who you are. If a person were to try to register twice under different names the thumb print will expose them.

I will also offer up legislation in which persons attempting election fraud will be subject to decades in jail. In my opinion, tampering with our election system is an assault on our democracy and is tantamount to treason. Severe punishments should be handed out to anyone who is involved with it.


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