Full disclosure: I am a cryptocurrency investor and why I feel the need to bring this to your attention. Crypto is the future. It’s the 90’s version of the Internet. Every state has laws that govern it and New York is by far the most restrictive. Currently, in order for cryptocurrency exchanges to conduct business in New York State a bitlicense must be purchased. New York charges astronoimcal amounts of money to do this thus keeping many exchanges away. This greatly limits the ability of citizens to invest in the cryptocurrencies of their choosing as not all exchanges carry the same currencies. This is just another example of how New York citizens suffer from the heavy hand of government and why it’s imperative to elect leaders who believe in allowing the free market to work without restriction.

I also believe if New York wants to thrive economically, we must become a leader in crypto mining, developing and implementation. This will allow our people more investment opportunities and create high paying jobs. Currently states like Texas, Florida, Colorado and even California are far ahead of us in terms of regulation, infrastructure and overall interest in this vast and growing field of technology. As it stands right now New York is ranked dead last in friendliness to the cryptocurrency industry. This too has to change. 

Also, putting Bitcoin on our balance sheet will go a long way to ensuring exponential profits in the long term for New York and its citizens. As the asset grows so will New York’s balance sheet allowing for lower taxes and overall greater economic growth. It’s time to think differently and if elected, I intend on doing just that.


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