Is it just me or does it seem like many of our political leaders on the Democrat side have gone completely crazy? Sometimes, it honestly appears like they favor criminals over law abiding citizens–Democrat citizens included! Whether it’s from wanting to defund the police, providing cashless bail, or using Covid as an excuse to release hardened criminals on the streets, Democrat leaders repeatedly make decisions that put the public in danger. This is the exact opposite of what elected officials are supposed to do. Some Democrat prosecutors are even on record saying that there are laws they will not enforce including shoplifting, larceny and resisting arrest. How can we expect our law enforcement officials to do their job if criminals are allowed to assault them while not complying? This will only end in more people being shot and cops simply leaving the force.

Continuing, Democrat officials are even using public tax dollars to provide drug addicts with drug paraphernalia in order to “keep them safe.” Like I said, it seems as though the Democrats in this state have completely lost their minds. Which is why it is essential to put those who respect the law and law enforcement into decision making positions. If elected, I promise to support law enforcement and author legislation that will keep criminals off the street and hold accountable those whose actions ignore existing law.


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Is it just me or does it seem like many of our political leaders on

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