Is it just me or does it seem like many of our political leaders on the Democrat side have gone completely crazy? Sometimes, it honestly appears like they favor criminals over law abiding citizens–Democrat citizens included! Whether it’s from wanting to defund the police, providing cashless bail, or using Covid as an excuse to release […]


Environment Stance by

In many ways the left has successfully painted Republicans as “anti environment.” Nothing can be further from the truth. Republicans like to breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy the beauty of nature just as everyone else does. The idea that says the opposite is nothing more than fear mongering intended to gain more […]

Property Taxes

Property Taxes

Long Islanders know more than anyone the impact property taxes have on their wallets. Over the course of one’s lifetime the amount of money a family could pay on their property taxes can easily be higher than the actual cost of the house itself. In addition, the way in which these taxes are calculated, in […]


Faith by

There was a time where the words “In God We Trust” meant something to the people of this country. The majority of our founding fathers knew that acknowledging and relying on God was the key to seeing this nation grow and prosper. They understood that without him, we would be lost. As a result, the […]

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration by

The name itself shoud be enough to fight against those who promote, support, aid and help those who enter this country illegally. The key word is “illegal.” That means the person who entered the country or overstayed their visa does so in a way that is not condoned by the laws of the land. This […]



Full disclosure: I am a cryptocurrency investor and why I feel the need to bring this to your attention. Crypto is the future. It’s the 90’s version of the Internet. Every state has laws that govern it and New York is by far the most restrictive. Currently, in order for cryptocurrency exchanges to conduct business […]

Vaccination Injuries

Under our current laws, pharmaceutical companies bear no liability for any harm caused to individuals who have taken the vaccines because of the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) status they enjoy. If elected I will put forth legislation that will allow injured persons, both now and in the future, to sue and receive compensation from whichever […]

Election Integrity

The bedrock of the United States democracy revolves around one thing. Elections. When the electorate no longer believes in its sanctity we have a major problem. Accusations of fraud have plagued our democracy for decades but have really intensified over the past few years. Something MUST be done to ensure the voting public that their […]

Mandates (Vaccination and Mask)

There shouldn’t be any. Plain and simple. From early on we knew who was going to be most vulnerable to Covid. The elderly, the obese and those who had multiple comorbidities. This never changed yet the Kings and Queens in government and even in some private businesses forced workers to either take the vaccine or […]